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"On the Prog Awards Site, www.progawards.it , there are the News Nominations 2006 of the The Best Artwork,
The Best Italian Record, The Best Foreign Record, The Best Recording and The Best Label"

<Prog Metal/Prog Rock/Melodic/Power Sites/Etc..>


After@All (talented Hungarian prog metal band)
Arellano, Alex (ex. Power of Omens/The Fractured Dimension)


Dividing Horizons (german prog metal band)
Dreamlost (wow, professional looking website from France)

Epitaph (german prog)

Faith And Fire
The Fractured Dimension (Alex Arellano's new promising ProgMetal/Fusion band)




Last Eve Official Site


Outlander (Official)

Private Secret (german prog metal)

The Quest

Romislokus (Russian Prog Metal)

Seventh Omen
Sleep Dirt
Street Talk

Third Voice


VIII Strada (Italian group playing prog rock/metal)
Valediction (the offcial site of Joseph Anastacio Glean)

Wheat Stone Bridge



<prog metal/powerful metal labels,etc.>

7 Hard Label
Brennus Music (from France)
Favored Nations (Vai, etc.)
Fossil Records
Galileo Records (home of Forgotten Suns, etc.)
Heptagon Records (featuring Jens Johansson, etc.)
Inside Out Label (great progressive rock/metal label)

Lion Music (excellent prog metal and guitar-oriented label)
Magna Carta Records
Massacre Records
Millenium Lagoon Records
Scarlet Records (home for Italian bands, such as DGM)
The Shrapnel Records
The End Records

<prog rock/art rock labels>
The Laser's Edge Group
Cuneiform Record
Musea records

Distributers/Online Shops

Abstract Logix (home of jazz/fusion and progressive)
AOR HEAVEN (the home of Melodic Rock)
Artist-shop (Ultimate Prog Rock Online Shop)
CDbaby (perhaps, great online shop to look for independent prog metal and other artists)
CDExpress-ROCKHOUSE Music Mailorder Holland
Guitar Nine Records

Check out Harder-Edged-Music website specializing hard rock/metal/prog cds and DVDs.
Metal Mayhem (they carry some goodie prog metal, powerful metal cds, and quite a bit of shrapnel artists)
Nightmare Records (you can find tons of interesting stuffs)
Record Heaven Sweden (very excellent Prog Rock/Metal, Jazz specialist online shop)
The Omega Order: The End Records (One of most popular online metal shops)
Wishing Well Entertainment

Trendfabrik.com (fine mailorder website from Germany)

<Prog Rock Oriented Site>
The Missing Piece (cd mailorder from Sweden)
Just For Kicks Music (formerly known as RISING SUN..)
Laser's Edge (one of best prog rock online shops, EVER!!!! )
Empire Music (in German)
Doug Larson Imports
Jazzis Web Shop (online music store in Israel)
Pendragon USA
ZNR Records
Syn-Phonic Music
Wayside Music (various prog rock cds)

<Japan Online Shop>
CD Japan
Disk Union
Import Albums Metal
Music Term (tons of prog rock bands from Japan with some cds from oversea)

CD Universe

Baja Prog
Baja Prog Fest (prog rock and art rock concerts)
Headway Festival (New Prog Metal oriented Festival from Netherland)
ProgPower Europe
ProgPower USA
ProgPower USA (including archives and past events)
Summers End Festival (from U.K.)

Live/Tour Information
POLLSTAR - The Concert Hotwire

Music Productions/Recordings/Management/Promoters/Booking Agent
AUSLANDER - Creative Recording and Music Production Services
Intromental Management (great management featuring lots of talented metal/proggy acts)
Progressive Music Management

ART/IllUSTRATION/DESIGN/Web Layouts, etc..
Hugh Syme
ProgArt Media (Mattias Noren's great arts and illustrations)
Travis Smith's Seempieces

Online Magazines/Webzines/Reviews/Interviews/Newsletter/Resorces
(Impressive Resources all over the world)

DURP (prog/metal webzine from Germany)
Dutch Progressive Rock Page
Encyclopedia Metallum
MelodicRock.com (very popular website for AOR/melodic rock fans)
Metal Reviews
Metallic Symphonies
Music Discoveries: Contemporary, Progressive, Crossover Female Vocalists
Music Might (formerly Rock Detector)
Musique Progressive Dynamique (lots of Prog Metal reviews)
Perfect Prog.com (from Mexico)
Power of Prog
Prog-resite (One of finest prog rock magazine from Belgium)
Prognosis - Progressive Rock (Prog) & Fusion Music
Progressia (prog rock/metal oriented website from France)
PRP's Prog Online
Rock Report
Satan Stole My Teddybear
Sea of Tranquility
Strutter Webzine
The Metal Observer
Through Different Eyes - Progressive Music Archives
Truth In Shredding
University of Decibel (Steve Husk's nice website!)
Virtuosity One

Various Websites (supporters of progressive/powerful music)

<Forum/BBS/Message Boards>
Perpetual Motion Board
Perpetual Motion Clone Board
Planet X Message Board
Progressive Ears - 21st Century Progressive Rock
ProgPower Scandinavia
Mike Portnoy.com The Offical Website
Spastic Ink/Watchtower Forum
Headway Festival Forum

<Powerful Metal and ProgMetal Oriented Sites>
BNL Metal Page
Danger Dog Music Reviews (Metal, Rock, Prog Rock/Metal)
EXTRA MUSIC (italian site)
Fast Metal News
Librarius Metallicus (conprehensive resource for Metal fans)
Lords of Metal Webzine
Maximum Metal
The Mayfair Mall Zine
Metal Chroniques (French site)
Metal Express Radio
Metal Glory Magazine (from Germany)
Metal Invader
Metal Perspective (useful site)
Metal Underground.com
Metalized Webzine (italian site)
Music Discovery (esp., live reports are really excellent and in details)
Music In Belgium
Music Reviews.de (german site)
Power Metal.de (german site)
The Power of Metal Webzine (danish site)
Violentsunrise (alzn's great looking site)
Heavy Harmonies
RevelationZ magazine

<Prog Rock Oriented Sites>
Aural Innovation (radio show plus prog reviews)
Babyblaue Prog Reviews
Ectagon - The gateway to Progressive Rock Music on the Internet
The Hairless Heart Heraldo (british website featuring progressive rock, jazz, etc.)
MovimentiPROG (italian site)
Music Waves (from France)
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal
Progressive Music (quite comprehensive each sub-prog genre explanation site, RIO, Chamber Music, zeuhl, etc.)
Progressive Video JAPAN BLOG
Prog Freak.com (introducing legitimate websites having soundfiles and stream broadcast)
Rock Advice: News (belgian site)
The Axiom of Choice
Vintageprog.com (formerly known as 'Tommy's Forest of Progressive Rock')
Ground and Sky
Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
Progressive World
Progressive World (old archive)
Start Page (various prog rock links)
MLWS (polish prog-oriented website)
Unprogged: progressive rock & metal (italian website)

<General Music & Popular, Jazz, Metal, Rock-related Sites>
Adequecy: Indie Music Review (but better not expect anything like prog metal or prog)
All About Jazz
All Music Guide (tons of information)
BraveWords & Bloody Knuckles (famous metal magazine)
Discogs (music database)
Hard Radio
Hard Rock Haven
Jukebox: Metal
Mark's Record Reviews
Pop Matters
Rate Your Music
Rock United (melodic HR/HM and AOR)
Spirit of Rock (french rock website)
Tartarean Desire (the webzine for metal fans. featuring some prog metal as well)

Soundfiles/Net-Radio/Real Streaming/MP3

Rock3 Rock Radio Network
Delicious Agony Prog Rock Radio
PRRN Radio Pages

Non-Music Related Sites (but interesting sites for fun, thoughts, rants, & fact stuffs)

X-Rates.com (site for Exchange Rates, Currency information)
Alta Vista - Translation
Fragmenta Philosophica (ex.Enchant/Xen musician Paul Craddick's thought-provoking blog)
Time Zone Converter
Grammar Slammer
Using English (Resorces for English as a Second Language)
Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
RSSinclude (a site about RSS feed)