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Alberto Rigoni - Three Wise Monkeys (Album of the Month)

Italian virtuoso bassist Alberto Rigoni has unleashed a new solo album.
If you are familiar with the prog metal band Twinspirits,
a new release of Alberto would be a really fantastic discovery.
Alberto Rigoni is one of intelligent and accomplished musicians out there.
His latest album features the great musicians like Kevin Moore
and Goran Edman, etc. For prog metal and instrumental
music fans, this is definitely a highly recommended cd.


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James Byrd's Atlantis Rising - Beyond The Pillars

Lars Eric Mattson - Aurora Borealis
Mastercastle - Last Desire
Michael Harris - Tranz


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Gronholm - Silent Out Loud
Their second offering is a fine melodic metal/rock album including
some vibes and elements of prog metal. It's definitely a quality product.


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Massimo Izzizzari - Electrifying

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George Bellas - The Dawn of Time


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Day Six - The Grand Design
Elias Viljanen - Taking The Lead


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Consortium Project V - Species


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I added the review of one of my favorite albums.
Consortium Project I - Criminals & Kings


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Borealis - Fall From Grace

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Arachnes - A New Day

Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord - Blood of the Prophets


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It's been a long absent and no news for a while in the land of PILGRIM WORLD,
but finally [Reviews] pages have been updated. More new reviews upcoming..

Anthriel - The Passway
Alex Masi - Theory of Everything
Awake - Forever More
Cyril Achard - Violencia


[Reviews] page has been updated with ALBUM OF THE MONTH!
Eumeria - Rebel Mind
Hi there, the land of PILGRIM WORLD has been quiet and very slow.
However, it's good to announce new update now. In this opportunity,
I'd like to introduce an amazing new progressive metal band for you. :-)
Eumeria is a great brand-new prog metal band featuring Bobby Williamson.
Yes, he is a former member of Outworld/Thought Chamber, so you could
assume that this group offers something fascinating and huge sounds.
Their new cd sounds really impressive and superb, so give a chance to
this band if you are into quality progressive metal bands with dual guitar
and synth solo works. Their guitarist Reece Fullwood also showcases
amazing guitar skills and phenomenal guitar shreds. The whole performance of
this band is AAA. Highly recommended for fans of all prog metal fans.


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ALBUM OF THE MONTH goes to Dutch prog rock/metal sensation
The Barstool Philosophers - Sparrows

Yeah, I really enjoy their music entirely with their songwriting skills
and musical perormance. Probably, this group's music appeals to both sympho
and prog metal fans as well


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Section A - Sacrifice
After four years absence, Denmark-based melodic prog metal group are finally back with their latest album. It's a slightly more straightforward approach than their previous work. But don't be afraid. It sounds really solid and strong to satisfies the fan of Section A.

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